Adar 6, 5778, 2/21/2018

'Likud poised to win 40 seats next election'

'Netanyahu will be PM for years to come,' Dep. Environmental Protection Minister tells Arutz Sheva. 'Now's not the time for him to retire.'

Israeli intel unit helps thwart ISIS attack in Australia

Israeli intelligence unit provides information used to thwart aerial terror attack in Australia, saving dozens from harm.

Muslim first responder eulogizes soldier killed on Highway 6

'Even when the helicopter landed to transport you, what mattered most to you was your friends who were also injured in the accident.'

Delectable Pepper Steak Medley

Pepper steak is a sure-fire hit. A family favorite and worth every minute of preparation!

Our American kids, our culture, and our violence

The real liberals, today's conservatives, are the only ones not blinded by leftist poison, and are America's only hope. Op-ed.


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