Tevet 29, 5778, 1/16/2018

Testimony of soldiers attacked in Nabi Salih released

'We knew that once riots break out, activists would go into the courtyard of the Tamimi home and start throwing rocks at IDF forces.'

Gaza man abandons daughter in Israel following hospital visit

Gaza resident escorting his daughter to hospital visit in Jerusalem refuses to return to Gaza, abandons daughter, flees to central Israel.

Gur Hassidic movement bans emergency responders

Gur bans members from volunteering as paramedics or with police department, warns children of volunteers will be removed from school.

'Abbas has reached the end of the road'

Middle East expert says Abbas speech revealed a 'desperate man' trying to gain favor with the masses. 'The Palestinians support Hamas.'

Sore losers

American liberals and Mahmoud Abbas are the quintessential sore losers.


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