Berlin returns 11 artworks to owners

Berlin Museums Authority returns 11 pieces from Oppenheim family collection sold under Nazi rule on eve of Holocaust outbreak.

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Mordechai Sones,

Bode Museum, Berlin
Bode Museum, Berlin

The Berlin Museums Authority announced that it has returned 11 works that were part of the Oppenheim family art collection and were sold under Nazi rule in 1936.

The Cultural Heritage Foundation in Germany added that the works were found in two museum collections. Of the 11 works that were brought to Oppenheim's heirs, the foundation purchased five works at full price. Two works from the Danube School, and three porcelain works from the 18th century.

Zwinger palace Art Gallery, Dresden, Germany
The Oppenheim family's collection, headed by the Jewish chemist and industrialist Peretz Oppenheim, was one of Germany's largest art collections.

The Cultural Heritage Foundation announced that the fact that the mother of the family died a year ago is unrelated to the fact that the works have just been restored, but rather that this is a process that has been ongoing for several years.

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