'Stumbling stone' Holocaust memorial stolen in northwest Italy

Holocaust memorial in Italy is stolen one month after its placement.JTA, Yesterday, 2:22 PM

Italians embrace South Hevron Hills

South Hevron Hills Council head and delegation visit Italy, are warmly received by senior officials in Palermo district.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 10:01 AM

Danish petition to force vote on banning circumcision?

Danish petition appears likely to force vote on banning circumcision.JTA, Yesterday, 9:13 AM

Swedish racist 'laser man' faces Germany murder verdict

German prosecutors seek life sentence for Swedish-German citizen who murdered 68-year-old Holocaust survivor in 1992.AFP, Yesterday, 8:13 AM

Poland's opposition proposes amendment to Holocaust law

Poland's main opposition party tables amendment to government's controversial Holocaust bill.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 5:13 AM

Aid group allegedly discriminated against woman with Jewish ties

Dutch aid group for Syrian immigrants accused of discriminating against job-seeker with ties to Jewish community.JTA, Tuesday, 5:27 PM

Britain’s Labour Party expels Jewish anti-Zionist activist

Tony Greenstein’s membership in the party revoked on Sunday after a meeting of Labour’s National Constitutional Committee.JTA, Monday, 8:54 PM

Local press raps Polish PM over Holocaust remark

Polish PM Morawiecki made a mistake when he compared 'Jewish perpetrators' of the Holocaust to Poles and Germans, local newspapers say.AFP, Monday, 5:52 PM

Polish opposition to try to change 'Holocaust law'

Polish opposition leader slams new Holocaust law and the 'diplomatic disaster' it caused, says he will work to change law's wording.Nisan Tzur, Monday, 3:33 PM

Polish official: The prime minister said the truth

Poland's Bronisław Wildstein says Polish PM didn't blame Jews for the Holocaust but did "speak the truth" and doesn't have to apologize.Ben Ariel, Monday, 5:15 AM

Polish government defends 'Jewish perpetrators' comment

Government claims Polish PM's claim of 'Jewish perpetrators' during the Holocaust was 'sincere call for dialogue' on Holocaust.JTA, Sunday, 9:58 PM

Hotovely to hold urgent discussion over Polish PM's remarks

Deputy Foreign Minister will hold urgent discussion after Polish PM says Holocaust included "Jewish perpetrators".Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 6:06 AM

'Most Polish collaborators acted out of greed or pure hate'

Poles helped Nazis out of greed or pure hate, Jews helped Nazis to save their lives or others' lives, 'From the Depths' chairman says.Jonny Daniels, Saturday, 10:18 PM

Polish PM claims there were 'Jewish perpetrators' in Holocaust

Polish PM 'defends' Holocaust bill by claiming there were 'Jewish perpetrators' in Holocaust, says law won't see blaming Poles as criminal.AFP, Arutz Sheva Staff, Saturday, 7:07 PM

Netanyahu meets Austrian Chancellor

Netanyahu says Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz promised to change his country's voting patterns at the UN.Elad Benari, Canada, Friday, 9:29 PM

Ukrainian monument to Jewish Holocaust victims vandalized

Swastika, SS symbols painted on monument honoring Jews killed in Ukraine during the HolocaustJTA, Thursday, 7:47 PM

'UK Labour's plan to label Kosher meat is outdated'

British Jewish group backing Kosher slaughter says Labour's push to label Kosher, Halal meat is 'behind the curve'.Arutz Sheva Staff, Thursday, 5:22 PM

Will Britain force separate labeling for kosher meat?

Britain’s Labour Party backs separate labeling for kosher, halal meat.JTA, Thursday, 1:43 PM

Man who rented apartment to Paris attackers found not guilty

31-year-old who rented his flat to jihadists who carried out 2015 Paris attacks found not guilty.Ben Ariel, Thursday, 5:15 AM

'Brit Milah ban will ensure no Jewish community is established'

Scandinavian Jewish leaders warn Iceland that legislation banning nonmedical circumcision will prevent Jewish community life in the country.JTA, 2/14/2018, 8:28 PM

Protesters at London school call Israeli speaker ‘war criminal’

Anti-Israel activists disrupt ex Deputy PM Dan Meridor's appearance at King's College, calling Israel a 'terrorist state.'JTA, 2/14/2018, 6:02 PM

France returns paintings to heirs of Jews who fled Nazis

French government transfers 16th century paintings to descendants of Jews forced to flee Europe in World War II.JTA, 2/13/2018, 10:54 PM

Number of anti-Semitic incidents in Germany rises

Out of 1,453 anti-Semitic incidents in Germany, the vast majority consisted of incitement or hate speech.Nissan Tzur, 2/12/2018, 2:39 PM

Report: Poland to vote on restricting kosher meat exports

Limitations on 'unnatural slaughter' may make it 'very difficult' to perform kosher slaughter, European Jewish group says.JTA, 2/12/2018, 10:29 AM

Polish PM: Refrain from anti-Semitism

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki urges Poles to refrain from making anti-Semitic statements following approval of Holocaust law.Ben Ariel, 2/12/2018, 4:46 AM

Polish official: Jews ashamed of passivity during Holocaust

Advisor to Polish president claims Israeli opposition to Holocaust censorship law due to 'feelings of shame at Jewish passivity.'JTA, 2/11/2018, 9:29 PM

French Muslim singer leaves 'The Voice' after anti-Israel posts

Viral media sensation forced to step down after extremist anti-Israel social media posts exposed. 'Israelis are war criminals.'Tzvi Lev, 2/11/2018, 7:26 PM

71 killed as Russian plane crashes near Moscow

Plane carrying 71 crashes near Moscow. Witnesses report 'burning airplane' falling from the sky. 'No survivors,' say Russian officials.Tal Polon, 2/11/2018, 4:10 PM

Norwegian lawmaker: BDS is 'peaceful'

Norwegian lawmaker who nominated BDS movement for Nobel Peace Prize argues the movement isn't anti-Semitic.Ben Ariel, 2/11/2018, 6:39 AM

Merkel won't comment on Polish law

German Chancellor declines to comment on Polish law imposing jail terms for suggesting the country was complicit in the Holocaust.Ben Ariel, 2/11/2018, 4:09 AM

Antwerp: Muslim refugee removes mezuzahs from Jewish homes

Muslim refugee arrested for placing Qurans in synagogues removes mezuzahs from Jewish homes.Haim Lev, 2/10/2018, 11:52 PM

'Pigs, get out of the country'

Vandals scrawl anti-Semitic graffiti on Barcelona synagogue, deputy mayor promises 'not to allow actions of intolerance.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/10/2018, 9:37 PM

India drought causes hummus prices to rise in Britain

Reduced chickpea harvest in India drives up hummus prices in Britain, where over 100 million pounds of hummus are consumed annually.JTA, 2/9/2018, 1:52 PM

Report: George Soros pushing to nix Brexit

Hungarian-born American billionaire and left-wing philanthropist George Soros reportedly funding bid to block UK's departure from EU.David Rosenberg, 2/8/2018, 4:59 PM

Polish lawmaker dismissed from European Parliament

European Parliament votes to dismiss Ryszard Czarnecki of Poland for comparing rival parliament member to a Nazi collaborator.Nissan Tzur, 2/8/2018, 3:44 AM

Antwerp police: Attempted ramming not a hate crime

Antwerp police say alleged car-ramming attempt on Jewish father and son was not a hate crime.JTA, 2/7/2018, 8:47 PM

German women rise up

'Because of your immigration policies, we soon face a majority of young men who come from archaic societies with no women's rights.'Mordechai Sones, 2/7/2018, 12:32 PM

Denmark considering ban on Muslim face veils

Danish government proposes ban on niqab and burqa in public spaces.Ben Ariel, 2/7/2018, 6:37 AM

Tillerson 'disappointed' after Polish bill signed

Secretary of State expresses concern that controversial Polish law "affects freedom of speech and academic inquiry".Elad Benari, 2/7/2018, 2:05 AM

Chelsea soccer fans again chant anti-Semitic songs

Just days after team launches anti-hate campaign, fans of Chelsea soccer team chant anti-Semitic songs.JTA, 2/6/2018, 10:37 PM

Polish president to sign Holocaust bill

Polish president says he will sign bill forbidding linking Poland to crimes of Holocaust, but will refer it for judicial review.JTA, 2/6/2018, 1:57 PM

British Labour activist rejects claims he is anti-Semitic

UK Labour activist Mike Sivier clarifies comments he made on his website that led to his suspension from Labour party.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/6/2018, 2:05 AM

Poland gets back at Bennett

Poland penalizes Education Minister for statement in which he tells Poles 'the past can not be rewritten'; upcoming state visit cancelled.Yoni Kempinski, Warsaw, 2/5/2018, 10:06 PM

Watch: Polish Prime Minister speaks to Arutz Sheva

Poland's PM reaches out to Jews and friends of Israel in special interview; 'Would offend survivors to mix perpetrators with victims.'Yoni Kempinski - Warsaw, 2/5/2018, 7:53 PM

Special: Polish Prime Minister hosts Israeli journalists

In special gesture, Polish PM spends 2 hours with Arutz 7 and Israeli journalists to deliver conciliatory message to Israel and world Jewry.Yoni Kempinski/Mordechai Sones, 2/5/2018, 7:22 PM

UK Labour activist reinstated despite anti-Semitic remarks

British Labour party reinstates man who defended claims that Tony Blair was “unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers”.Elad Benari, 2/5/2018, 5:12 AM

Petition calls to ban annual neo-Nazi march in Bulgaria

World Jewish Congress calls on Bulgarian government to issue ban on march, held in Bulgarian capital annually since 2003.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/4/2018, 12:53 PM

'The mass murders were carried out by our country'

German Foreign Minister says Poland can rely on his country to condemn distortions of history regarding the Nazi camps.Elad Benari, 2/4/2018, 5:48 AM

Man who rammed Muslims in London sentenced to life in prison

Judge sentences rammer to life in prison, says he carried out a 'terrorist attack' and 'intended to kill.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/3/2018, 7:44 PM

'Hold the March of the Living in Ukraine instead of Poland'

Chief rabbi of Ukraine wants Holocaust program moved to his country to punish Poland.JTA, 2/3/2018, 6:37 PM

Israel warns of rising anti-Semitism in Poland

Israeli embassy in Warsaw warns against wave of anti-Semitic statements in Poland amid row on Holocaust bill.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 2/2/2018, 10:36 PM

Smoke grenade thrown into Holocaust lecture in Ukraine

Man wearing ski mask hurls smoke grenade into bookstore hosting lecture on the Holocaust in Lviv.JTA, 2/2/2018, 9:26 AM

Polish PM: We understand Israel's emotions

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki addresses controversial bill, stresses Poland will not limit freedom to debate the Holocaust.Elad Benari, 2/2/2018, 3:44 AM

Analysis: How the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over France

Muslim children in France are taught to take over Europe the way Gazan children are taught about Israel. The rest of Europe is next.Yochanan Visser, 2/1/2018, 10:11 PM

American Chabad rabbi expelled from Russia, labelled 'extremist'

US-born Chabad rabbi married to Russian citizen labelled 'extremist', abruptly ordered out of Russia.JTA, 2/1/2018, 5:45 PM

Louvre puts Nazi-looted art on display in bid to find owners

Louvre places Nazi-looted paintings on permanent display, allows beneficiaries to reclaim property.JTA, 2/1/2018, 2:43 PM

British paper turns Israel into 'Palestine'

British Guardian site reports on IDF arrest of Arab girl in 'Palestine'.Mordechai Sones, 2/1/2018, 1:27 PM