Legal advice at the click of a button

Dana Segev Moyal ,Co-Founder & CEO of Legally, speaks with ILTV about how to make legal language accessible to the public.ILTV, Today, 4:05 AM

Combating terrorism with start-up technology

Gideon Miller, Chairman of the CTTSC speaks about the global competition that hopes to leverage start-ups to help fight terrorism.ILTV, Yesterday, 9:10 PM

Is facial recognition technology safe?

An Israeli start-up is on a mission to help our faces stay anonymous around the world, and protect us from hackers.ILTV, Yesterday, 4:36 PM

Bill to open alleged graves nears final vote

MK Nurit Koren (Likud) speaks about the agreement reached by families regarding the investigation of the Yemenite Children Affair.ILTV, Yesterday, 1:31 PM

'Redemption' for bad apples everywhere

Israeli scientists find way transform bad apples, typically headed straight for the trash, into a new food powder.ILTV, Yesterday, 12:21 PM

New ambassador - new era in relations with Jordan?

Dr. Kobi Michael (INSS) speaks about the diplomatic mission to Amman, set to resume after six months of stalled relations.ILTV, 2/9/2018, 1:15 PM

Improving self-efficacy through ‘drive’

Bob Chernick, psychologist with The Drive Organization speaks about giving youth the tools to persevere and succeedILTV, 2/9/2018, 8:25 AM

Buy & sell solar systems in Israel

Alon Tamari, co-founder of Solarexpert Israel, speaks about finding efficient power with online marketplace for photovoltaic systems.ILTV, 2/9/2018, 5:58 AM

Millions say 'we remember' the Holocaust

Coordinator Of The WJC, Jewish Diplomatic Corps speaks about the campaign in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day that reaches millions.ILTV, 1/30/2018, 10:16 PM

Israel among top 10 most innovative nations

Bloomberg ranks the fifty most innovative countries for their 2018 ‘Innovation Index’, and Israel has snagged a spot in the top tenILTV, 1/30/2018, 1:27 PM

‘The two-state solution is dead’

Watch debate: Ari Fuld, Assistant Director of Standing Together vs Uri Zaki, President of Meretz party's Governing Assembly.ILTV, 1/30/2018, 10:44 AM

Will Israeli robot clean your toilets?

An Israeli innovation might have finally come up with a solution to toilet cleaning. Meet ‘Toibot’ - the first robotic toilet-cleaner.ILTV, 1/30/2018, 7:38 AM

Fighting Iran - on every front

Ambassador Livne: Iran is funding proxy wars and terror across Mideast, yet doesn’t seem to be a priority for the international community.ILTV, 1/22/2018, 10:51 PM

Life in Jerusalem: Beyond the politics

Ilan Greenfield, CEO of Gefen Publishing House speaks at ILTV Studio about the launching of the New Jerusalem album.ILTV, 1/22/2018, 11:11 AM

Tel Aviv stands with penguins

Tel Aviv’s City Hall lights an enormous symbol of a big, purple penguin, honoring Greenpeace’s ‘Penguin Awareness Day.’ILTV, 1/22/2018, 7:54 AM

The significance of Netanyahu's visit to India

Watch: Amb. Yosef Livne, former Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand, speaks about Prime Minister Netanyahu's India visit.ILTV, 1/15/2018, 11:49 AM

Drawing water from thin air

Yehuda Kaploun, President of Watergen USA, speaks about trying to tackle the big challenge to human survival - dirty and undrinkable water.ILTV, 1/15/2018, 6:28 AM

Never worry about the right gift again

Yair Miron, CEO & Founder of Giftwizard, presents the technology that is trying to change the way we think and buy gifts.ILTV, 1/15/2018, 4:33 AM

Gold nanoparticles can help fight Cancer

Many Israeli medical firms present promising treatments for various cancers. A new research shows gold-heavy rumors absorb more radiation.ILTV, 1/15/2018, 2:30 AM

Yad Sarah: Travel Israel unhindered

Spokesperson for Yad Sarah speaks about improving the quality of life of people with special needs, including tourists visiting Israel.ILTV, 1/7/2018, 7:57 AM

How to become a ‘data driven’ company

Amir Raskin and Keren Shaked, founders of Shoodoo, speak about using wisdom of the best data scientists to create prediction products.ILTV, 1/7/2018, 5:30 AM

Israel’s first lady steps into showbiz

Wife of President Reuven Rivlin has confirmed that she will provide the voice for a character in the Hebrew release of ‘Paddington 2’.ILTV, 1/7/2018, 3:28 AM

The treacherous path to success

ILTV speaks with Daniel Shevach, Strategy and Operations Executive at Targo Consulting, about what it takes to make an "exit".ILTV, 1/7/2018, 1:31 AM

Face tomorrow’s threats today at Muni-Expo 2018

Ari Steinberg, VP of the Federation of Local Authorities speaks about bringing innovative experts from around the worldILTV, 1/3/2018, 2:38 PM

Helping underprivileged women in Israel

ILTV speaks with Yael Ovadia, CEO of Yozmot Atid, about helping women set up their own businesses throughout the countryILTV, 1/3/2018, 11:31 AM

Israeli platform provides individualized tutoring

ILTV speaks with Gil Segev of about the site’s ‘professional preparation’ videos customized to each client within 48 hours.ILTV, 1/3/2018, 9:37 AM

Arabic ‘Fauda’ ads give Israelis the chills

Campaign for the upcoming season of the Fauda TV series features billboards written in Arabic warning that “the chaos is about to begin".ILTV, 1/3/2018, 6:57 AM

Introducing ‘Two Nice Jewish Boys’

ILTV speaks with Eytan Weinstein and Naor Meningher, hosts of the "Two Nice Jewish Boys" podcast.ILTV, 1/3/2018, 4:58 AM

Get your (virtual) team together

Roie Tsarfati, founder of 'Real Manager Club,' speaks about the next platform in fantasy sports - made in Israel.ILTV, 12/31/2017, 1:57 PM

Israeli app makes touch-screens ‘hand-free’

A new Israeli app lets the paralyzed operate their touch-screens without lifting a finger, enabling them to use device unaided.ILTV, 12/31/2017, 11:55 AM

Top pianist returns to Israel for concert series

Concert pianist Orit Wolf is returning to Israel to perform a series of concerts in English entitled 'Music and Muse.'ILTV, 12/31/2017, 10:50 AM

Tel Aviv Lego tower could break Guinness world record

A team of Israeli volunteers are aiming for a Guinness world record, inspired by the heartbreaking story of a little boy.ILTV, 12/31/2017, 8:54 AM

Israel considering switching to the 'digital shekel'

Israel weighing another major step in digital revolution, by cutting back on cash, and converting its currency into a “Digital Shekel”ILTV, 12/27/2017, 11:39 AM

Former ambassadors share their thoughts on the recent UN vote

ILTV speaks with former Ambassadors Danny Ayalon and Yosef Livne about the recent activity at the United Nations.ILTV, 12/27/2017, 7:53 AM

Meet Emanuel Zohar’s frogs and ants

ILTV speaks with glass artist Emanuel Zohar about glass-working and bringing sculptures to life.ILTV, 12/27/2017, 6:26 AM

Could a wheelchair climb a mountain?

Thirty Israelis who are confined to wheelchairs were brought to the top of Masada for the Hanukkah gift of a lifetime.ILTV, 12/22/2017, 2:34 PM

Israeli musician blinds his bandmates

New project brings a group of musicians together for an improvised jam session, wearing a blindfold the entire time.ILTV, 12/22/2017, 1:48 PM

Israeli scientists regrow human bone

For the first time in history, doctors have just regrown part of a missing human bone - inside the patient’s own body.ILTV, 12/22/2017, 1:17 PM

Never lose a package again

ILTV speaks with Ziv Fass, co-founder and CEO of, the company that is making sure packages never get lost in transit.ILTV, 12/22/2017, 12:17 PM

The incredible landscapes of Israel

ILTV talks with art photographer Guy Geva about his "Out of Home, Out of Power" photography exhibition.ILTV, 12/22/2017, 11:12 AM

New program trains army recruits on autism spectrum

An innovative IDF program called ‘Ro-im Rachok’ (‘looking ahead’) trains adults on the autism spectrum for specific army professions.ILTV, 12/14/2017, 2:04 PM

How fast can our Internet be?

ILTV speaks with Izik Kirshenbaum, Co-Founder & Chairman of Siklu, about the future of faster internet.ILTV, 12/14/2017, 12:34 PM

Israeli company will treat bunions worldwide

ILTV speaks with Rafi Herzog, who presents his company "Cycla Orthopedics" that has found a treatment for bunions.ILTV, 12/14/2017, 9:17 AM

Armenia - the next place for Israeli investors?

Attorney Tsvi Kan-Tor, Chair of the Israel-Armenia Chamber of Commerce, says that Israeli investors should turn their focus to Armenia.ILTV, 12/14/2017, 6:23 AM

Decrypting cryptocurrencies

ILTV speaks with Uriel Peled, Co-Founder of Cointree Capital, about 'crypto currency' and why the public may want to invest in it.ILTV, 12/5/2017, 1:13 PM

The highway in the sky

Meet the Israeli company that plans to set up a revolutionary transportation system.ILTV, 12/5/2017, 7:21 AM

The Israeli battle against hunger & poverty

Goldie Sternbuch, director of Overseas Relations for Meir Panim, speaks about how over 10% of Israelis face significant food security.ILTV, 12/5/2017, 4:57 AM

Celebrity pups treated to their own ‘Doggy Vacay'

Six "celebrity dogs" have been treated to their very own "Doggy Vacay" in Israel after winning a contest on social media.ILTV, 12/5/2017, 2:50 AM

Israel successfully launches first space lab

Israel has just launched a cutting-edge “Space Lab” into orbit.ILTV, 11/27/2017, 2:51 PM

R&M - a lesson in starting small

Watch: Matan Pertman and Ran Harel of R&M speak at ILTV studio about how their Israeli company expanded from one property - to hundreds.ILTV, 11/27/2017, 2:25 PM

Ancient rock art depicts Israel’s best friend

Incredible rock art has just been discovered in Saudi Arabia revealing what appears to be Israel’s national breed, the 'Canaan dog'.ILTV, 11/27/2017, 11:57 AM

Million dollars raised for Orthodox fashion designer

Fashion designer devastated by her husband's sudden death nearly had to shut down her business - until her Instagram followers pitched in.ILTV, 11/27/2017, 10:13 AM

New material platform developed in Israel

Zvika Weiss, CEO of "Valentis Nanotech" speaks about the new product with wide-ranging applicationsILTV, 11/20/2017, 6:52 PM

Mercedes Benz comes to Tel Aviv

Mercedes-Benz, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, opens a massive new tech development center in Tel Aviv.ILTV, 11/20/2017, 2:49 PM

How to age at home, in peace

Founders of "Innoaging" speak about creating personalized aging support environments within the home.ILTV, 11/20/2017, 1:14 PM

Partner with the local Israeli community

Tomer Yeshua, Travel Hotels Organization and Methods Manager, speaks about organizing tours and information for your visit to the Galilee.ILTV, 11/20/2017, 12:04 PM

Listen to your machines

3Dsignals enhanced microphone technology listens and diagnoses technical and mechanical issuesILTV, 11/13/2017, 8:00 PM